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Not only do Makeup In Place Organizers hold cosmetic items In Place, but they are efficient, save space, and shine with creativity. All of my organizers are planned out to hold makeup in the most cute and unique ways possible. I am constantly adding more designs so stop by often for the perfect gift idea!

My name is Johana and being creative is my passion. I have always tried to use my ideas to solve problems I run into, by inventing solutions that are fun and easy to use. Years back I started designing things in my father's woodworking shop.

We started making wooden tabletop makeup organizers, but I realized there were a few problems. The makeup needed to be kept in drawers, which made it hard to find your items when you needed them quickly. If space was limited, any organizer mounted on the wall was too bulky. Something needed to change.

This led to a better way to hold makeup than wood with my Patent Pending design. Building on the stability and beauty that MIP organizers are now known for, I added a different material in between that is lightweight, but grips the makeup, keeping it "In Place." That is when Makeup In Place was born. :)

I hope this dream of mine brings a little light into your life as well. Thank you for visiting us!

Johana Parker


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