Collection: Adventurous Lip Lipstick Holders

*This fresh new design is available for Preorder, shipping on or before 11-1-2023!*

This wall mounted lipstick organizer is very easy to hang on your wall and big enough to fit 22 of your favorite lipsticks. The makeup organizer is available Mirror Pink or Mirror Red.

It has in a very unique dripping-lip shape, adding a stunning 3-dimensional wall art effect to your room you cannot find anywhere else.
An exciting and unique gift idea!

Your new organizer:
♡ Will grip your makeup so it stays in place.
♡ Can be given as a unique and thoughtful gift.
♡ Has many color options available.
♡ Is functional wall art.
♡ Is minimalistic.
♡ Looks great kept on the counter or mounted on the wall. (Mounting screws included!)
♡ Saves you time and space by keeping the lipsticks you use daily in plain view - instead of in a messy drawer.

Lip Dimensions (Approximate):
L: 11.25"
D: 2.25"

Hole Sizes:
♡ Top 2 Rows: Small 5/8" Diameter
♡ Bottom 2 Rows: Medium 11/16" Diameter

*Please note that these organizers have being created by hand, and therefore may have slight variations. This means not only is your organizer beautiful and functional, but also unique!

Thank you!

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Product Video: Ultra Makeup Organizer